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Pleasure Tool Wheels

--- Wheel Facts ---

72mm and 67mm Inline (Roller Blade) Skate Wheel--- Wheel Size ---

The size of a wheel is measured in mm's (millimeters) on the O.D. (outside diameter) of the wheel. The Pleasure Tool Organization currently provide 3 sizes. 72 mm MAC OH BOY/ Hyper Fat Boy, 67 mm JOY RIDE/Hyper Midget.
    The 72mm MAC OH BOY's can be used for all type of skating including recreation, roller hockey, trick skating and aggressive skating. The 72mm MAC OH BOY is a superb street hockey wheel.
    The 67mm JOY RIDES are not commonly used for recreation or roller hockey put are super for trick skating and aggressive skating. The 67 mm JOY RIDES are also great for skaters that require a little more stability than what the 72mm MAC OH BOYS provide.

--- Wheel Hardness ---

The hardness or durometer of  Pleasure Tool wheels range from 80A soft to 94A hard. The durometer of a wheel can affect the performance, durability, shock absorption, and traction. Soft wheels offer higher traction and the smoothest ride. Hard wheels slide better, but have less shock absorption.

72mm Inline (Roller Blade) Skate Wheel72 mm MAC OH BOY

80A (soft) and 84A(medium soft) durometer is available in the 72mm MAC OH BOY wheels. 80A and 84A are great for general recreation and outdoor street hockey.

67mm Inline (Roller Blade) Skate Wheel67 mm JOY RIDE

80A (soft), 84A(medium soft) and 94(very hard) hardness is available in the 67 mm JOY RIDE wheels. Trick skaters generally like the softer wheels. Aggressive skaters generally a like harder wheel. Mixing wheel sizes is a common thing to do for aggressive skaters. Putting larger (72 mm) softer (80A, 84A) wheels on the outside and smaller (67 mm) harder (94A) wheels on the inside make a great aggressive skate. The soft outside wheels provide smooth cruise skating while the hard inside wheels provide the ability to ride curbs and rails with out sticking. We have many customers who use the following combination - 72 MM, 80A or 84A MAC OH BOY's on the outside and 94A JOY RIDE's on the inside. This is a real cool set up....

Profile of Inline (Roller Blade) Skate Wheel--- Wheel Profile ---

The profile is the shape of the wheels running surface when viewed from the front. The profile of a wheel's running surface can vary from a pointed radius to a blunt, almost flat radius. Pleasure Tool wheels profile is half way in-between the blunt and pointed profile, providing a very general wheel for most types of skating. The Pleasure Tool wheel profile is generally referred to full radius. This full radius is neither pointed nor flat. The full radius provides superb stability over pointed wheels and better maneuverability over a blunt wheel.


The urethane is important to the performance characteristics of the wheel. Each manufacturer uses its own special blend of compounds and formulations. You may ask why inline skate wheels are so expensive. Part of the answer is in the compound of the rubber. The compound used must be durable, yet provide rebound. The rebound properties of a wheel refers to how far the wheel will rebound upwards if dropped from, lets say, shoulder height. A wheel with superior rebound will give the skater a feeling of better performance. Pleasure Tool wheels are manufactured by the same company that makes HYPER wheels. Pleasure Tool wheels provide a superb wheel rebound quality.

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