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Pleasure Tool Bearings for SkateBoards, Inline Rollerblades and Quad Skates.


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The Pleasure Tool Organization

Order Information.
Ordering couldn't be easier!
There are several ways to order from us.

Visa, MC
Visa, MC

To calculate the shipping cost in the USA, just go to the Secure Online Order Form and click on what your interested in. Then Scroll down until you see a window that shows what you have ordered along with the shipping cost. International Shipping Cost

Your order will be shipped the next business day by United States Postal Service priority mail and generally takes only 3 days, any where in the United States..

--- ON LINE ( Credit Card ) ---

Secure, on-line credit card transactions. Our secure server encrypts all of the information that you enter into the order form, including your credit card information. This ensures that your Internet transaction stays private and protected.

To order online using your credit card, just fill in the requested information on the Secure OnLine Order Form. Your order will not be submitted until you click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form.

If you would rather not send your credit card number over the Internet, or you are having problems using our Secure Online Order Form,  just fill in the requested information on the Non Secure Online Order Form and leave the credit card information blank and we will personally call you for that information. Many office environments will not support the use of Secure Order Forms.

You will receive E-Mail (Or phone call if you do not include your e-mail address) confirming your order and mailing address generally with in 4 hours of placing your order. Your personal information (E-mail address, phone number) is held strictly confidential. Your e-mail address is used for order confirmation only and is not used to include you in any mailing lists what so ever.


If you would rather use PayPal, simply say "PayPal" in the comment section of the order form and we'll send you a PayPal request. Or you can PayPal directly to and we'll match your payment with your order using the email address on the order and the PayPal payment.

--- Snail Mail ( Credit Card or Personal Check ) ---

"Snail Mail" is  an Internet term used for regular mail. First you need to obtain a hard copy of our order form. 
Go to Printable Order Form and print the form directly to your printer. Fill in the requested information and send the form with credit card information, personal check or money order to:

The Pleasure Tool Organization
3603 NE 115 Cir
Vancouver WA. 98686

--- Phone Order  ---

You can call us at (360) 921-2465 and leave us a message and we will call you back. We are generally an internet business and don't man the phone 24 hours, but this keeps our prices competitive. So, Leave us a message and we will be happy to call you back.

If you have any questions please Contact Us or E-Mail us

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