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--- Wheel Frequently asked questions ---

Question : I've been playing outdoor hockey on blacktop for the last couple of years. I can go through a set of wheels in less than ten 1 hour sessions.  How do the  Pleasure Tool wheels work for this kind of play?

Answer : The 72mm MAC OH BOYs are perfect for outdoor hockey.  The "full-radius" wheel gives you great  stability.  The 80A or 84A are excellent for outdoor hockey. 

Question : I have 3 boys who all love to roller blade.  They range in ages from 7 to 14.  Would your wheels work for them?

Answer : 67MM and 72MM are standard wheel sizes and would most likely fit even your 7 year olds skates.  These wheels are great for young people because of the reduced price and "full-radius" profile provides stability. We have customers who will buy a whole box (6 sets) of wheels at a time for their kids.

Question : My son talks about mixing 2 wheel sizes on one skate. Does this make sense?

Answer : Your son must be into aggressive skating.  Mixing wheel sizes is a common thing to do. Putting larger softer wheels on the outside and smaller harder wheels on the inside make a great aggressive skate. The soft outside wheels provide smooth skating while the hard inside wheels provide the ability to ride curbs and rails with out sticking. We have many customers who use the following combination - 72MM, 80A or 84A MAC OH BOYs on the outside and 94A JOY RIDEs on the inside. This is a real cool set up....

Question : Why are your wheels so inexpensive. I've searched the web and your wheels are the cheapest. How can you do this? Are your wheels cheap or are they BLEMS?

Answer :  The Pleasure Tool Organization was founded when a large mail order house went "belly-up" due to cash flow problems. We bought our inventory from the bank that was liquidating all there merchandise. We bought at a good price thus we can sell them at a good price. Being an "Internet-based" company we have no overhead. The 72mm wheels we provide are the exact same wheels as the HYPER Fat Boy, with the exception of the printing on the wheel. HYPER Fat Boys are sold for as much as $8.00 a piece. The original company bought from the same company that manufactures HYPER wheels. They bought over a million wheels and paid more per wheel then what we are currently selling them for. Now, that's exciting for us and ultimately you. We are happy that we can provide quality wheels at such discounted prices.

Question : I live in New York, On the week ends we get together and roller skate in central park. Blading is my current passion in life. We are basically into skate dancing and most of us are currently using the HYPER FatBoy rollerblade wheel. We search the web for sales and discounts. Even at wholesale, Hyper FatBoys are hard to find, and we pay as much as $8.00 or $9.00 per wheel here in New York. Before I order a your roller-skate wheels we would like to know how similar they are to Hyper Fat Boys.

Answer : We are happy to inform you that the Pleasure Tool wheel is physically the exact same wheel as the HYPER Fat Boy that you are currently using. The only difference is the printing on the wheel and of course the economical price.

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